Using SEO On Business Website Pages

Business websites, in particular, need to pay attention to good SEO practices. Because every business will have to deal both with general text terms and specific ones, it’s important that you have a plan regarding word choice so that when people search for you on the internet, the right traffic heads your direction in the right situation.

To make this happen, use techniques like paying attention to strong, discrete language, putting your company members’ bios up, using dynamic videos for engagement and time purposes, linking to high-profile sources, and avoiding penalty traps that can come with certain techniques that Google is aware of and has determined to be poor business practices.

Using Strong, Discrete Language

When you look at high-quality business website pages, you’ll see there’s lots of strong, discrete language in the descriptions of various business structures. The heart of SEO is using strong words and phrases to indicate to Google and other search engines not only that your website contains certain kinds of information, but also that your site is a full authority on the subject, by including phraseology that suggests that an expert is making the statements via text.

Putting Company Bios Up

Another great way to improve the SEO of your business site is to have a listing of all of the people who work for your company, and then having a short narrative description of what they do. The language of a well-written bio will naturally include the buzzwords that are most associated with high-quality search engine algorithms, and it will show people who are looking at the site a much deeper conceptual understanding of the people behind the brand.

Including Dynamic Videos

One technique that’s often missed when it comes to getting a high SEO score is having a dynamic presentation of videos on a page. The Google algorithm is paying attention to how long people stay on each of your pages, and having someone stop for a few minutes to watch the duration of a high-quality video is absolutely one of the best ways to increase this time and attention factor.

Linking to High-Profile Sources

Your site will also get a better SEO score if you link sensibly to other high-ranking sites. There are a ton of great ways to do this linking to underscore the value of your site as well. By backing up the statements you make with more expert data, that’s a great way to add value to the visitation of your site by potential clients.

Avoiding Penalty Traps

It’s important that you remain flexible if you’re a web design and content generator for a business website as well, because Google is constantly changing how it determines your ranking. If you’re the SEO master, you have to check into what techniques are considered white, gray, and black on a regular basis to make sure you’re compliant.

Originally posted on October 31, 2016 @ 3:30 am