Using SEO To Reach College Students

Teens and college students of all ages are going about college much differently these days. A lot of younger college students still like the idea of traditional college, the whole brick and mortar thing. Many older students are doing the online college thing. But you can’t just pigeonhole any one type of college student.

You can bet that most people looking into going to college, no matter how old they are, are using the internet to pick their schools, apply to school, and even attending at least one course online, if not pursuing their whole degree online. If you are a college looking to attract new students, here are some things you need to be doing.

Use Social Media

Many people looking to get into the college of their dreams will spend time researching those schools on social media. Not only should your college have a social media account, but you should be updating it with info that students will want to see. Let them know when classes start, when it’s time to apply, and even when changes are being made to your curriculum.

Instagram and YouTube are a must as well. Instagram lets potential students see into the college life and get a glimpse of what your school has to offer. YouTube is a great way to show them as well.

Know Your Keywords

If you want your social media posts, blog articles, and your websites to reach potential students you need to be using your keywords. Use a keyword tool to find what college-related terms are most searched so that you ensure the most visibility for your school.

Keywords can have to do with college in general or even with the types of classes your college offers.

Focus On Your Demographic

There are people of all ages going to college these days, from 16 to 60. You need to have some idea of the demographic you want to reach before you get too deep into your marketing plan. You want to advertise and market where the students you want will be looking.

Older folks use the internet, so don’t feel as though you won’t reach adult students by being on social media. However, you may also want to consider print marketing if you’re trying to reach adult students, in conjunction with your online marketing plan.

Link To The Right Things

One more important thing about online marketing, just below your keywords and demographic, is link building. While many of your blog and social media links are going to lead back to your own college pages, you also want to link to important information. Find college-related articles that students can use and link them (just avoid linking to your competition).

Originally posted on February 23, 2017 @ 2:44 am