100,000 Words Posted Here

So over the course of this site’s life, there has already been over one hundred thousand words posted here. That includes four guest posts since the site began, the rest, are all mine.

Where did I find this information?

Well, a friend of mine Joost de Valk, no relation to the online television service, has released an amazing WordPress plugin called Blog Metrics.

Based on ideas in an excellent post by Avinash Kaushik this plugin calculates the following:

  • Raw Author Contribution:
    • average number of posts per month
    • average number of words per post
  • Conversation Rate:
    • average number of comments per post without your own comments
    • average number of words used in comments to posts

Both for all the time you’ve been blogging, and for the last month, it then adds these values in a page on your WordPress dashboard.

The script also let me know that I have posted 47 posts in the last thirty days, and that I average around 64 posts a month. A very cool script that I suggest everyone go out and get, especially if you have a multi-author blog.

Wish me luck on my next 100,000 words.