200th Post: Feedback Please!

So in less than four months I have written two hundred posts on eXtra for Every Publisher. That means thus far I have created around fifty posts a month, and I think that says a fair bit about my commitment to creating content in this niche.

I also think that my work has been well reflected in my stats thanks to all of you, my readers.

Since I started this blog, I have had 26,199 unique visitors, served 116,018 page views, and burned through 7.62 gigabytes of bandwidth. This blog currently has 183 RSS subscribers according to Feedburner, has a Technorati rank of 25,254 and an Alexa rank of 78,077. I am currently sitting in the 57th spot of 45n5.com’s Top 100 Make Money Online blogs list. Every one of these statistics are continuing to rise, making me a very happy blogger.

Now it is time for feedback though. What posts have you liked on this blog? What do you like about Xfep? What do you dislike? It is time to stop lurking. If you haven’t commented before, please do, and for those that have commented, please send your feedback my way as well.

This blog is about providing my readers with my knowledge. I know I haven’t been doing much in that respect over the last little while, but I am working on some great articles that should remedy that. What would you like to see me cover? What have I missed in my blogging? Have I gone too far with my advertising and monetization strategies or have you hardly noticed?

I am working on bringing in some contributors to this blog so that we can have more than just my views an opinions. Is this a wise move, or would you rather just hear from me?

Please speak up and comment today!