300 Posts, 300 RSS Readers and Nearly 60k Unique Visitors

January is turning into a banner month for me. eXtra for Every Publisher now has three hundred posts in its archives, a goal I was hoping to reach in December, but I got a little busy with the holidays.

According to Feedburner, this blog is hovering around 300 RSS subscribers, which to me, is absolutely amazing. I write for numerous blogs, but they were either established before I showed up, or are multi-author blogs, so I never imagined I would have so many fans willing to subscribe to the content I generate.

And last, but not least, I have had nearly 60,000 unique visitors to this blog in January alone. I am currently sitting at a little over 58,000, with 243,000 page views. That to me is insane for a single author blog in a very crowded niche, but it proves that anything is possible if you work hard enough and are passionate. I owe a heck of a lot of this newfound success to my friends, and of course my employer, Splashpress Media, for all their great support.

I have so much more to say though over the coming weeks and months, so I hope you will all continue to stick with me, and continue to enjoy the content I publish.

For those of you that haven’t enjoyed my technology posts on setting up my network attached storage box, it is almost over, and I will return all my attention to handing out tips and advice related to blogging.