Back in My Groove

So now that we are heading into March, I am even more determined to get back into my blogging groove on here. I still have many things I want to teach everyone, as well as some great new things I have learned over the past few weeks.

If you have been wondering what’s going on with this blog, the answer is that I have been busy with the Northern Voice conference, and working on jump starting Blogging Weight, and all the activities that go along with getting healthier. I won’t get preachy about making fitness a priority on here, so you’ll have to go check out that site for more details on what I am doing to get fit.

Also, Splashpress Media has been eating up tons of time as we slowly get ready for the big WordPress 2.5 upgrade coming late in March. I hope to have many details on here with regards to how the upgrade goes.

If you haven’t subscribed, now would be a great time to do so. I also recommend my Super Feed which tracks me everywhere I blog. If you want to keep track of all my posts on Forever Geek, Blog Herald, Blogging Pro, Devlounge, Blogging Weight, DavidCubed and here, I highly recommend you all subscribe.

Here is looking forward to a great spring for all of us in the northern hemisphere.