December Traffic Details: Getting Off On The Wrong Foot

So as the month ticked over to December, the traffic here took a strong nose dive. I was getting around half the normal traffic during the first three days of the month, and it made me break a sweat. Had I done something wrong? Was it just that everyone was slowing down for Winter? I didn’t know the reason behind the dip, but I didn’t like it.

I vowed to fight the drop as it was quickly effecting all of my rankings online.

I started plotting, scheming and trying to come up with ideas on how to build the traffic back up. Frustratingly, work, life, and other factors made it quite difficult to give this site the attention it sorely needed.

After promoting a few articles the best I could, traffic started to pick up, but is still much lower than October or November.

I have many ideas on how to work at combatting this issue, but as a blogger, I completely understand that the majority of the public is suffering from the effects of an early sun set. I have even been confused at what time it was, as the sun sets earlier and earlier saying to my wife that it felt like ten at night at six in the evening. This Canadian will keep on trying to publish amazing content that draws you in, but don’t be surprised if I head off to bed fairly early.