Grand Effect: What is it?

A few years ago, a great blog network started called 9rules. It seemed like every blog that I enjoyed reading, especially regarding design, blogging, and technology were all listed in their ranks.

Since then though, the network has ballooned out of control and has now become a community. During this shift, I have watched as many original members left 9rules as the benefits and goals were no longer there.

With Grand Effect, I hope to help Sarah Perez recreate some of the magic that was the original 9rules. The blogs listed in the Grand Effect network will work together, helping each other out in blog development, promotion, and creating a cross communication between sites.

We will also begin to work on an advertising platform that will allow advertisers to buy space on all the blogs in the network for an appropriate rate, allowing us to combine our reach in the blogosphere to spread out marketing messages for those interested.

There won’t be rounds, nor will every blog be accepted. We are looking to keep this a small, tight knit group of high quality blogs.

So far, I am more than impressed with the other members of the network, and how we’ve all pulled together to launch the network. The Grand Effect site still needs huge amounts of work, and things will be in a constant state of improvement, but I look forward to the new challenges with Grand Effect.

For those wondering what this means for me and Splashpress, it doesn’t change anything. This blog has always been a side project, and will continue to be one as I focus on my duties with Splashpress Media. My work with Splashpress provides me with many of the ideas that I turn into posts here, so again, nothing will change in that respect.

I hope you will all check out the other member sites, and I hope you will continue to watch and be involved with the growth of Grand Effect.