How Much Would I Sell Xfep For?

So, someone recently asked me what it would take to buy this blog from me. They seemed interested not only in owning the site, but keeping me on part-time.

I am not actively looking for anyone to buy this blog, and I have had a few ridiculous offers over the last half a year. Lately, I have been receiving even more interest, including from some people that would like this blog to join their new or established networks.

To sell this blog, I wouldn’t currently consider any offers less than $15,000 US, and that doesn’t even include paying to keep me on here writing.

I have written almost 280 posts on this blog, and some of it has been what I consider to be my best work yet. If each post was worth on average $10, that is $2800 worth of content alone. Add to that, the short, easy to brand domain, thousands of inbound links, growing traffic, Google PageRank, and amazing following via the RSS feed which is just shy of 300 readers, I think this blog and what I could do with it over the long term is worth more than fifteen thousand dollars.

Sure, this might seem a little off to some, as they calculate valuations based on profit multiplied by twelve months or so, and despite having done that a few times myself, I see no reason for me not to continue working on this blog, sharing my knowledge, and communicating with a great audience for anything less.

So many bloggers have sold their self short in 2007, and I hope they won’t do the same in 2008. So now that I have answered your question, please no more e-mails offering me $1500 for this blog, as they will be ignored by me.

Originally posted on January 5, 2008 @ 2:09 pm

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