Looking For Weekly Columnists at Xfep

With my new responsibilities at Splashpress Media, I am going to be a very busy person, and so I am looking to hire two weekly columnists for this site. You have to have strong experience in blogging, advertising, search engine optimization, social networking, site promotion, WordPress ninja’ing, content management, and/or other relevant topics. You must be willing to publish one or two articles a week of five hundred words or more.

I am looking for people with passion and personality, and so if you fit the bill, please contact me with your rates and any relevant blog URL’s.

Update: Since so many people have asked me about the rates, I figured I would post them here. Honestly, it is dependent on experience and ability but I have been saying this to most people.

I am looking for two people willing to each write two posts a week of five hundred words a post or more for $10 a post. On top of that, I am willing to pay a $20 traffic bonus if the site’s traffic beats the previous month’s by a minimum of 1,000 unique visitors, something that the blog is on course to do already. Even better, there is also a $25 bonus if an article reaches the front page of reddit, digg, sphinn or delicious up to a maximum of $100 a month. This means that any selected writer has an upper starting limit of $200 for eight posts a month.