Rankings Rising: December 2007

Ending 2007 on an up-note was very difficult as the holiday season usually means a huge decrease in traffic for sites like this one, but I was able to find ways to deal with it, and thanks to some carefully planned articles, and the support of my friends and readers, December turned out to be one of my most successful months thus far in rankings, though not so much in revenue.

Alexa Traffic Rank (lower is better)
January 5th – 62,564
December 3rd – 73,611

Technorati Rank (lower is better)
January 5th – 12,978
December 3rd – 18,862

Feedburner RSS Subscribers
January 5th – 283
December 3rd – 221

Unique Visitors
December – 23866
November – 13923

December – $140
November – $180

Some of the top stories in December were:

With a new year upon us, I am very hopeful for the future. I have been getting some interesting contacts behind the scenes, and have been thinking a lot about my continued strategy with this blog. I hope to continue to teach from my experiences as a blogger, as well as reporting what is going on in the industry. I have a feeling that blogging is going to change a lot over 2008, and my work here might help others from making any missteps.

To all my readers, a huge thank you from me, and I hope you keep checking back with me. Without you, this site would just be a little spot I rant in, rather than a great location on the web with an amazing group of people.

Originally posted on January 5, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

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