Rankings Rising: November Wrap-up

So another month has passed, and I am sure you are all curious how I did. Well, to sum it up, I didn’t do as well as I was hoping, but I know the factors that slowed me down.

Some things that distracted me from this site include changing companies, jobs, and going to a conference. Other than that, the launch of AltSciFi took some time and energy as well. Lastly, I tried experimenting with live video streaming. All of these took time away from generating content here, but hopefully December will go better.

Alexa Traffic Rank (lower is better)
December 3rd – 73,611
October 19th – 111,380

Technorati Rank (lower is better)
December 3rd – 18,862
October 19th – 37,356

Feedburner RSS Subscribers
December 3rd – 221
October 19th – 164

Unique Visitors
November – 13923
October – 13404

November – $180
October – $12

Other than that, I broke into the Top 50 of the make money online blogs list at 45n5.com and continued to publish as many posts as I can.

Some of the top stories in November were:

Here is hoping for another great month. I hope to publish around 40 posts over the course of December, and increase my Alexa and Technorati rank. I have decided though that running after these ranks aren’t as important to me as they once were, and I will be working on bringing some more teaching articles to the table, as well as some great pillar articles that I hope you can all reference often.

To all my readers, a huge thank you from me, and I hope you keep checking back with me. Without you, this site would just be a little spot I rant in, rather than a great location on the web with an amazing group of people.