Rankings Rising: October 19th 2007

First off, I wanted to ask you all what you thought of these Rankings Rising posts? This will be the second one that I have done, and I would love to keep it as a staple of this blog, in order to be able to go back through the history of this site and show its growth. If you don’t like it though, let me know, and I will drop it.

It has been two weeks since I did the last Rankings Rising post, and since then, Alexa has updated my ranking with them, and things are looking amazing to finish out October.

Alexa Traffic Rank (lower is better)
October 5th – 182,030
October 19th – 111,380

Technorati Rank (lower is better)
October 5th – 44,291
October 19th – 37,356

Feedburner RSS Subscribers
October 5th – 110
October 19th – 164

Unique Visitors
September 2007 – 5202
Thus far in October – 10153

I really can’t explain how excited all of this makes me, as I continue to try to work my way up into the top one hundred on 45n5.com’s Top 100 list. Earlier this month I was sitting at the 120th spot, and have since moved up to the 108th, which is a twelve spot jump. I think that is pretty amazing, considering the intense competition I have on the list.

I have now blasted through every goal I had for this site for this month, meaning in November I will have to set even higher goals. Let’s hope my birthday on the 14th doesn’t cause me to be lax on the great momentum I have going here thanks to all the wonderful friends and readers I have on this site.

If you have any feedback, on my content, video, podcasts, please let me know. I would love to hear what you want to see more of. I have a few ideas on where I want to take this site, but I would love to have reader participation. Crawl out of the woodwork and leave a comment and thanks again for reading.