Run Out of Things To Say?

Lately, I have felt like I haven’t much else to say on building a blog, and what it means to be a full time blogger, and I assume this is in part because I have switched career paths, but I remain vigilant in making sure I don’t get “out of touch” with the community that I enjoy so much.

My wife, in telling her I felt like I had nothing new to say gave me some great advice, “talk about something different then”.

This blog has talked primarily about my experiences in being a network backed full time blogger, but now, with a few other things on the go, I want to talk more about starting a blog, growing a blog, maintaining a blog, and my experience as the Community Manager for PicApp.

The shift won’t be too crazy, as many of the posts I have written before are beneficial for bloggers of all experience levels, needs and backgrounds, but there will be a slight shift in content as my life and interest continue to shift.