Site News for March 10, 2008

Google PageRank

One thing that happened recently that I am proud to report is that this blog went from a PageRank of 4, which is relatively easy to get, to a harder rank of 5. I am unsure if I can continue to grow the site to reach the upper echelons of the PageRank 6 crowd, but it is possible. It probably won’t happen for at least another year or so, but I am fine with that. I am excited that Google deemed this site worthy of a 5!

Top 100 List

As things continue to improve, especially thanks to my PageRank jump, I am now deep into the Top 40 of Mark’s Top 100 Make Money Online blogs. I am currently sitting at number 34. I am thinking of doing another round of crazy promotion to get into the top 30, but we will see. I am very busy right now. I have to admit to being surprised. I had always wanted to be in the top 100, and then in the top 50, and now I am striking distance away from the top 25. Though getting there would see me trying to surpass Garry Conn and Jim Kukral.


Where is everyone going? Come back! So, I have slowed down in posting a little lately, mostly because I feel a little disenfranchised with blogging as a whole. I think I need to run away on vacation. The Feedburner RSS stats seems to reflect this as my readership dropped by over fifty in the last ten days.

Hopefully, I can turn things around as I refocus and try to get a normal routine going again. Don’t tell my wife, but I blame her for my lack of focus lately…