Splashpress Media’s New Head of Marketing: Me, David Peralty

Splashpress MediaOver the last two years I have been working with Bloggy Network LLC as Jacob Gower is basically the guy that “discovered me” and gave me a full time professional blogging job. After the first year, I then became the Director of Communications at the company, and while it was a great title, it didn’t fit. I was doing so many things behind the scenes, I didn’t feel like I was really communicating anymore.

Over the last three months, I have been diving into the web once again, trying to network, and make new friends online, and so when Bloggy Network decided they were going to sell some of their key blogs, Splashpress Media wanted me as part of the package.

As part of my own little ego trip, I tell myself that they bought the sites not to get the huge audience that comes with them, but instead only to be able to add me to their already amazing team of writers, developers, designers and marketers.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Well, for me, it means I continue to have a career online doing what I love. I will also be resuming my work in the limelight on some amazing blogs, including some of the newly acquired Splashpress properties, and some current pillars of their network.

I will also be working on expanding my array of skills. I will be doing screencasts, internet marketing, and helping manage the advertising budget. I will also work on building the Splashpress brand. This will hopefully mean that you can all meet up with me at a variety of conferences, which would be hugely rewarding for me, as I pretty much only ever see my wife and her cat.

What Does This Mean for You?

Well, in my new position, I will get to expand my knowledge and pass on what I learn to you, my readers. I will also be chronicling this change, and talking more about what it is like to be in a Blog Network. I will be able to make comparisons between working at Bloggy Network and working for Splashpress Media. It should help bring some amazing content to you all.

I will also have access to what is going on at Splashpress Media, meaning that contests, events, amazing stories will all be covered here, so you can all get in on them early, and have the best chances for being part of what’s going on.

Lastly, I will know about any openings in the company for writers, and support staff, so if you are interested in becoming a problogger, keep watching this blog, as I might have some great news about that in the future.

Is This Blog a Splashpress Media Blog?

No, it is still my own project, and just like Bloggy Network didn’t filter what I said on here, Splashpress Media also will not have that power. I can’t teach with hands tied behind my back, and everyone knows that. The things you have come to expect from eXtra for Every Publisher will not change.

Check out the full press release at The Blog Herald.