Xfep News: 5,000 Unique Visitors in August

Xfep Stats: August 2007

I just wanted to take a minute to express my awe and excitement over August’s stats for this site. This site began in the middle of July, and has only been around for a month and a half. During the two weeks in July, the site only received 272 unique visitors. Things sure have surged since then.

So many people told me not to take on this project because their are numerous high profile people already in this niche, but I knew that my experiences were unique, and that some of the things I have learned might help others either achieve their dreams in blogging, or realize before they over committed that blogging for money wasn’t for them.

I am not sure if I have really helped anyone yet, but it seems that you all like what I have been saying, and that really excites me.

Raw Stats

Without further adieu, here are the August stats as reported by Awstats:
5,008 Unique Visitors
17,889 Page Views
713.94 MB Bandwidth Usage
Visitors were mostly from the USA, Europe and Canada.
For search engine hits, it went MSN, then Google, and then Yahoo.

Popular Posts

My five most popular articles in order of traffic received were:
Mistakes in Design: Problogger.net
Con’s of Being a Problogger
The Five P’s of Improving Your About Page
Blogger Doesn’t Mean English Major
Text Link Ads

Traffic Sources

My two biggest sources of traffic were StumbleUpon and Copyblogger.

RSS Subscribers

According to FeedBurner, the highest my subscription rates went was 48 subscribers, and it is currently hovering around the mid-low forties. This is up from 11 subscribers on August 3rd. Over 50% of my RSS readers are using one of Google’s feed related services, with another 20% using Bloglines, my RSS reader of choice.