LinkedIn Allows Publishing of Articles

Authors who are actively using LinkedIn have something to rejoice. This is because the top professional networking site has allowed the publishing articles on the platform. In addition, LinkedIn members can choose to follow the content of their favorite authors and writers.

Right now, this publishing feature is limited only to the so-called most influential thought leaders on LinkedIn that number around 150. These people include Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Caterina Fake, President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney and Craig Newmark, among many others. Eventually, this will expand in the coming months and more authors will have the opportunity to publish their writeups on the site, too.

This new feature offered by LinkedIn is specifically called the Influencer program. This encourages thought leaders in the areas of business, non-profit and public sector to share valuable information on the site and gain followers. Apart from articles, the site also allows publishing of polls, presentations, videos and infographics among others. For now, those who would like to be part of this program can submit a request to be an influencer through this link.

The people behind this popular professional networking site said this new feature is their way of providing users with more avenues to share their expertise and gain from the leaders in various industries.

What’s great about this feature is that users can follow people they admire most. By following thought leaders on LinkedIn, they can be updated with what these folks are sharing. And as a follower, you can like and comment directly on their posts on the site. Sharing of these updates is also possible.

LinkedIn currently has more than 750 million members across the globe including organizations and global companies.

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Originally posted on October 12, 2012 @ 1:45 am

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