Reddit Users Love AltSciFi

AtlSciFiI have to admit, the thought of launching another blog wasn’t something I was overly excited about, but I love talking about science fiction, and so AltSciFi was born. I have been writing many opinion pieces on it, and will continue to do so while adding in news reports, short stories and other science fiction related content.

The site, just recently started, and is already doing amazing. That is in part thanks to my marketing efforts, and in a big way thanks to all the great people on Reddit that gave an article submitted on there a thumbs up.

Currently, the site has received more traffic from Reddit than any other traffic source leading up to this day.

Who would have guessed that there were some science fiction geeks on Reddit? I couldn’t be happier, and for me it really continues to prove that different social promotion sites have very different audiences, and as such will promote or bury stories based on those likes and dislikes.

Anyone know of any science fiction related digg-like sites? And don’t forget to check out AltSciFi and let me know what you think.

Originally posted on November 20, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

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