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Are Your Advertising Dollars Rising or Falling?

So for many right now there is this opinion that advertising revenue is dropping quickly, some are saying as high as around fifteen percent per quarter, or around five percent a month. To me, that seems relatively extreme, but there is a simple reason behind this: many small companies had to pull back on their advertising budgets, and larger companies don’t trust web metrics for helping calculate ROI.

While I hate the term “return on investment” when it comes to web marketing, I can definitely understand why companies don’t really trust web metrics. b5media had to change the software they were using, and in doing so found out that the numbers they were previously getting were way off base, and not a realistic view of what was actually happening on their blogs.

For companies spending money on advertisements on a CPM basis, not having the “right” numbers can create waste.

But what I don’t understand is why certain advertisers are dropping out faster than others? Have you seen a drop in your advertising revenue, or is it still rising? Are certain niches outside the sphere of influence that the market is having?

For me, it looks as though advertising dollars have stalled. They aren’t declining, nor are they rising. Are you noticing the same thing? Let me know in the comments below. The more information we all share, the better prepared we might be for whatever comes next.

Originally posted on April 14, 2011 @ 1:32 pm

Review: Logical Media

Logical Media is one of the innovative services that pay for ad placement within blogs. Do you have a blog and are you seeking a way to make additional money from the blog? Are you seeking a way to offset other programs with the use of ads? Through the registration with Logical Media, the blogger can have access to well-designed and functional ads, which are placed within the blog, earning the blogger money each time that a visitor to the blog decides to click on one of these ads.

As one of the top fifty affiliate networks in Website Magazine, Logical Media has reached a standard of customer service that many affiliate sites are simply unable to attain. Through the use of excellent placed ads, customer service and daily updates throughout the ads which are placed on the website, there are many reasons that you should consider Logical Media for marketing that can begin to earn you money from the moment you begin using the program.

With the added incentive that bloggers are equipped with, to earn twenty five dollars for signing up for the service, the blogger can begin to make money right away. With many other services, it seems that you are waiting weeks and even months for money to accrue within the account. However, with the instant twenty five dollars, just for signing up – you can begin to see an immediate profit!

With an easy to set-up and user-friendly interface, you can be up and running within a matter of minutes. Through the information which is provided and targeted keywords, ads will be developed that will be suited to your blog, your readers and your genre.

There are many other services which are offered to bloggers, in addition to the paid ad placement that can be taken advantage of throughout the blog. Through the use of valuable referral programs, in which the referrer can earn up to five percent through each referral and the real-time reports which the blogger will have access to, there are many ways that the blogger can learn to better the site – All while getting paid!

There are very few other paid ad placement companies that offer a high sign-up bonus. With the twenty five dollars that is offered to new customers you can begin to see your account move upward, through each click which is made on the ads placed within the blog. Are you seeking a program that enables you to track these movements in real time, while making real money? If this is the kind of program that you think would work for you, consider Logical Media, as the services offered are one of the many reasons more bloggers are choosing the company.

When it is time to get paid, bloggers always get paid on time, and the right amount. Through the use of intricate bookkeeping, bloggers are kept happy with accurate payments, regular payments and a variety of methods which are used to complete payments to bloggers that have signed up for the program. A reliable way to monetize your blog, more and more bloggers are choosing Logical Media.

Originally posted on July 14, 2009 @ 3:04 am