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The Blogging Brand: Who Needs One, Why It Matters, and How to Keep It Safe


Nearly two decades into the 21st century, most of us have watched the Internet transform into a critical tool for nearly every facet of our modern lives. Perhaps the most fascinating development is that so many people are now able to work their dream jobs as writers, editors, and publishers of their very own material — as long as they can run a successful blog.

Maintaining a blog, let alone a popular and prosperous one, is not easy. The Web is saturated with millions of blogs, ranging in theme from business marketing to home baking to world travel. The key to owning a thriving blog is becoming special in the eyes of your audience. And the key to attracting your audience’s attention so dramatically is cultivating a noteworthy brand. Continue reading

Originally posted on June 1, 2015 @ 3:50 am