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Blog World Expo: My Adventure Begins

For those of you that are regular readers, you might have seen me mention that I will be not only attending Blog World Expo in Las Vegas this year, but I will also be speaking on two panels. I am fairly nervous about speaking in front of so many of my peers, but I am also very excited about this trip.

There are so many things I still have to do to get ready to go, but I wanted to explain a bit of the silence as of late, and why things might be a little quite here over the next few days.

Tomorrow morning I leave home and head into London with my wife. She has to go to school, and I have to start going through the airport security fun. I am bringing a minimal amount of stuff in order to make sure I can get through as efficiently as possible, and I won’t be checking any baggage if possible.

I will be bringing a very small suit case and my laptop bag and trying to manage both as I fly from London, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario, which if you know the area well you’ll notice is the wrong direction, but Toronto is a hub here and where Air Canada does their international flights. I haven’t had very many positive experiences in flying with Air Canada, and so hopefully this time it goes better.

After a few hours in Toronto, I then board a plane to Las Vegas. Hopefully, during this part of the trip, I will be able to get some writing done, and relax as right now I am a bit wound up thinking about the people I am going to get to meet and where I am going.

I really wish my wife was coming with me, but we just couldn’t afford it at this time. It seems like we are forever going on different trips to different places, though mine are always work related.

One thing I checked out was which planes I would be flying on, and which seats I might want to avoid. I found that on Seat Guru, a site that I had heard about a long time ago thanks to either TechTV or Revision3 at some point or another.

I haven’t been in the Unite States for almost ten years now, and the last time I was in Nevada, we only didn’t stop in Vegas so this should be quite the experience for me.

I want to thank Jim Kukral and the Blow World Expo organizers for having me speak and Ryan Caldwell, my boss, for giving me the time off from College Crunch to attend.

If you see me at the event, please come and say “hi” as I’d really love to meet as many people as possible.

Originally posted on September 17, 2008 @ 7:04 pm