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A Day Job is Not bad

Do you live soley by blogging or writing material for the Internet? Or are you like mo who still has a day job? Or if not maybe you own a business?

Well if you are … well its not too bad. Whatever happens you still have a way to bring home the bacon so to speak. Often a day job is a blessing for writers. And if one is really luck the job will allow the writer to write the post or article in piece.

The creator of Dilbert Scott Adams was an engineer and worked for Bell Telephone. He actually worked there for years even when he began drawing Dilbert. And left only when he was sort of laid off.

I have known a number of full time bloggers who earn their income from blogging. But I have also known a lot of full time bloggers who earn their money from other things. Some are resellers of Internet Service Providers and Hosting services. Some are also reporters or writers for magazines.

Not all of us can be Stephen King. Who incidentally started out as a High School teacher. But we can write and still afford to live.

Originally posted on November 16, 2010 @ 11:23 am