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Anonymous the Pseudonym

The other day I read this bit of news concerning Google revealing the identity of a anonymous blogger. A move forced by a court ruling. Is this the start of the end of anonymous bloggers.

New York Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden has rejected a blogger’s claim that blogs were “modern day forum for conveying personal opinions, including invective and ranting” and as such, should not be considered as factual assertions.

Madden cited and quoted a ruling by a Virginia Court trying a similar case, which ruled that anonymous online taunters are accountable when they go too far.

Google complied with the Court Ruling. And it then provided the ip address and email to the lawyers of the complainant – model and Australian’s Vogue cover girl Liskuha Cohen. Incidentally, the blog was removed immediately after Ms Cohen took legal action.

The anonymous blogger has sued Google for $15 million for releasing the bloggers personal details.

This should be a case worth watching both in what can be done and not done on the web in terms of writing.

Do not get me wrong writing under a pseudonym has its uses but in our age when people are more ready to sue anyone it can be … well dangerous.

Do write under anonymously?

Do you have a pseudonym?

Do you use one?

Originally posted on August 28, 2009 @ 11:39 am