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3 Tips for Finding A Great Online Marketer To Hire

Online marketing: It can’t be that difficult to figure out on your own, right? I can find time to do all the online stuff in addition to everything else I’m doing for my business, right? I’ll pick up the jist of it over the weekend and start implementing everything come Monday back at the office, right?


If you’re in business for yourself or need some marketing help when it comes to digital marketing, your best bet is likely going to be bringing in reinforcements. While it definitely is possible to educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t with SEO and online marketing, this is going to be one heck of an uphill battle for you. So rather than spend your valuable time on this venture, consider acquiring the help you need to get on this path sooner rather than later. And to help you do just that, here are three tips for finding a great online marketer to hire.

Know What You Can Afford

The first thing you’re going to want to figure out is what you can afford for online marketing. This will determine whether or not you can afford to hire someone to work in-house for you or if you should consider working with an agency of some kind. According to Josh Steimle, a contributor to Forbes.com, if you have $15,000 or less to spend per month, an agency will likely be your best bet. But if you can afford to hire someone into your company and pay them well enough to keep them around, this may prove to be more beneficial to you due to their undivided attention to your individual business.

Know What Skills You Want

There are a lot of different facets to online marketing. And while having a Jack-of-all-trades might sound like what you want, you may actually only need someone with a few specific skills. Some of the most commonly sought after digital marketing skills, according to Javier Sanz, a contributor to WooRank.com, are SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, coding, analytics, and email marketing. The more skills someone has, the more expensive they will be, so find out what you need to be most effective and hire someone who’s proficient in those particular skill sets.

Know What Your Goals Are

Without knowing what you want to achieve with your online marketing efforts, any person or agency you hire isn’t going to be as effective as they can be. For this reason, it’s vital that you have some online goals laid out that you want your company to achieve through your digital marketing work. According to Jonathan Long, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, these goals may include increased sales, stronger social presence, brand awareness, or a larger blog following. Not only will having clear goals make the work more focused, but it will also help you to know if your hiring choice is working out or not.

If you’re wondering how to get your ducks in a row before hiring someone to help your company with online marketing, use the tips mentioned above to begin preparing today.

Originally posted on November 21, 2016 @ 9:51 am