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SEO Tips For Business Web Design

Search engine optimization is the key to moving your business website from the darkness to the light. Without proper rankings in the SERPs, it is quite difficult to draw any attention to your digital creation.

A business website has got to serve its function of presenting the world with what your organization has to offer, but it has to first find its way into the view of web users. Check out a few pivotal SEO tips that will help you to design a more effective business website. Continue reading

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8 Simple Web Design Layouts for your New Apparel Online Store

If you’re looking to make a website for your new apparel online store, you need a layout that fits with your brand, concept and products. While you can hire a web designer to make a website that is fully customized to your business, it can get quite expensive. Thankfully, there are many predesigned web design layouts that you can fit into your business. These templates are a simple solution to a complex problem. Here are 3 different templates and 5 different real life examples that you can use.

1. Ultimo Magento Theme

For some eCommerce site owners, how their product is presented is everything. Ultimo is the go-to Magneto theme for site owners that want to provide a clean navigation and presentation so that their product listings shine. The theme has a 12-column grid system, an unlimited color customization setup, and has a built in customizable responsive layout. This is a good theme to go with if you’re using Magento and plan on marketing your eCommerce to mobile users. Continue reading

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How Using Good Graphics and Web Design Will Improve Your Blog

For a business, a blog is a great way to interact with your clients and prospective customers in a non-threatening and friendly way. And while you may have great content about 3D rendering and design like RenderSmart, or hundreds of blogs around lifestyle themes like Buzzfeed, you are missing out on a huge part of blogging if you neglect the web design and graphics that go along with your blog.

Not only can including eye-catching graphics and natural web design make your blogs easier to read and more likely to be shared around various communities, but these things can also help your blog in three other big ways as well.

web designs

Boost Your Conversions

According to a blog written by KISSMetrics, including eye-catching images can increase time on page, the number of pages visited, and even the amount of sales you make on your site. However, increasing these conversions can’t just happen by putting any image or graphic anywhere on your site. Continue reading

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How You Can Improve as a Freelance Web Designer

Being a freelance web designer can be great – there’s plenty of opportunity to earn a good buck if you’re skilled and creative enough, you get to talk to interesting people and work on interesting projects from time to time, and the work is generally relaxing and allows for a lot of freedom in the scheduling. However, many people who go into this business soon find themselves stuck in one spot, unable to progress any further. There are some things to keep in mind unless you want to remain at the same income level for too long.

First and most importantly, value your time and think big – those small gigs that earn you a few extra dollars can be great in the beginning, but they can easily eat into your time too much and prevent you from getting any real work done. Limit those small projects as much as you can and fill up your time with as many large-scaled projects as you can.

Also, you should rely on your clients for references as much as possible – whenever you complete a deal and the client is happy with your work, throw them a line asking them to refer you to their partners who may need similar services – you’d be surprised how well that works and how much extra work it can score you!

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to try out something new – the job of a freelance web designer can be a very varied one if you let it!

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