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7 Tips To Overcome Writers Block

7 Tips to Overcome Writers Block

Have you ever sat down at the keyboard needing to write a post only to draw a total blank? The longer you sit there and try to force the content to flow, the harder it becomes to concentrate? It’s kind of like trying to go to the bathroom when you know someone is listening, no matter how hard you try…well, you get the idea.

Don’t fret, you are definitely not alone if you occasionally struggle to generate unique content. It is not difficult to find examples of daily as posts get recycled into new content and bloggers try to make something out of used up older posts.

Recognizing the problem is the easy part, what to do about it is the what most bloggers struggle to figure out. If your creative juice has slowed to a trickle then keep on reading because we’ve got the fix to get your content flowing again.

Here’s 7 different suggestions for posts that you can resort to when your creativity needs a recharge.

Caution: Use Only In Emergency

  • In case of emergency break glassProduct Review – Granted these sometimes are not the most exciting posts to write or read but if you give an in depth review of something you feel strongly about then you are sure to add value to the content. It could be something from your favorite plugin to the last book you read but whatever you do, make it entertaining to read.
  • List Posts – List posts are some of the most popular and widely read posts that you can find on the Internet. People absolutely LOVE them. I would challenge you that if you are going to resort to a list post that you make sure you put a spin on it that will entertain and be unique.
  • Round Up – Round Up posts are typically a summary of some of the favorite posts you’ve read this week either from your own blog, other blogs or a combination of the two. I recently wrote a White Trash Round Up post about some recent controversy in the MMO niche. It’s not your typical roundup post but, duh, that’s what makes it unique.
  • Rant Post – Everyone loves some good drama. They might pretend they are above it but no question, a rant or a slam post will create traffic. Reality TV is popular because people love the drama it provides. If you check out some of the posts I linked to in the White Trash Round Up post then you can tell by the comments that people LOVE these. Crank on someone today.
  • Post a Poll – Ask for input. Problogger constantly posts polls on his site and asks his readers for input. He then is able to generate a number of posts based off the results of the poll. This can be a built in content generating machine. Genius.
  • Link Love – Bloggers LOVE being linked to, so make someone’s day and link out to some of your favorite bloggers. You can introduce your readers to some great content make someone’s day all at the same time. If you believe in paying it forward, then this is an easy way to do it.
  • Don’t Post a Damn Thing Post – Yep, sometimes you are just better off not to post anything than to try and force it. A favorite saying of mine comes to mind….“It is better to be thought of a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

If you can’t find something to write about after reading this list then don’t fret, it won’t hurt to take a day or two off from posting and recharge your batteries. You will be better off for it as long as you don’t let the day or two slide into a week or more.

The lure of taking a day or two off can be attractive so as long as you don’t let it become a habit then your traffic and subscribers shouldn’t suffer too much. Whatever you do, don’t be like John Cow, and take a vacation only to come back and decide to sell your blog.

I came up with 7 ideas…..who can come up with another one?

125tbe-test.gifIf you enjoyed this post then will find me back here every Friday until the boss kicks me out. In the meantime you can check me out on my own blog at The Blog Entrepreneur if you just can’t wait until then. You can read my latest post “Buying a Blog is Like Buying a Mail Order Bride.”


Originally posted on April 25, 2008 @ 8:00 am