Back it all Up and Do it via Cloud

Computers may be considered as super machines but being machines, they can still malfunction for varied reasons. Viruses and other malware can attack them, their storage space can get full through time, power failures can occur and affect the hard drive and some hardware can stop functioning well such as when it crashes or freezes which can result in your data, photos, videos and mp3s to getting lost.

This being the case, it is always a must for computer users to back up their files. This way, they can still recover them in case something goes wrong with their device or emergency situations such as a fire, tornado or floods can occur in their homes and offices.


People today have different ways to back up their important files. They can choose to have a removable hard drive, external hard drive or they can also use the USB flash drive. The latest option available is using the cloud storage service.

This type of service is not only being used by consumers but even by small to medium sized businesses. A 2010 survey showed that many people use cloud for purposes of disaster recovery while some use it to keep primary data.

Business Use

Businesses, regardless of the industry they belong to, usually require more storage space as they need to keep a huge volume of documents. They would need about 50 GB to 100 GB for purposes of backing up their data.

For many businesses, the option to go for cloud storage is very beneficial as it takes away the task of monitoring and maintaining their files moving onwards.

Personal Use

Consumers who just use their computers to download photos, music, videos and other data would need a smaller storage space. For this kind of users, the free services that offer from 2 GB to 5 GB would normally be sufficient.

What to Look For

Regardless of the type of user you are, it is crucial to look for the right cloud storage provider that can meet your needs. An ideal provider should be able to tell you upfront the different plans they offer, the rates and storage space. Visit to find out about the different services available.

You must also take it upon yourself to find out other vital information before signing up. Things you need to consider are security and privacy, bandwidth issues and data recovery.

Other aspects you need to take into consider are the provider’s customer service and references. It is important that they have a support staff to help clients when they encounter issues with their files and other problems.

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