How Does One Earn from Blogging?

Having a corporate job or starting an own business may be the first things that pop into one’s mind when to earning money. This may be something very common to many, but earning doesn’t stop there. And one of the underrated ways to earn is through blogging. It is defined as a personal web log wherein the host of the website shares his/her thoughts regarding various matters depending on the topics discussed. Content may range from fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, current news, and a whole lot more. This is also often associated to social media accounts. What makes it different from websites in general is that it is frequently updated and encourages reader engagement. What used to be just a platform for sharings one’s thoughts and interests, now became a medium for marketing and earning money as well.

Blogging has become popular for several reasons. In the United States alone, the leading blogging site with over 46 million visitors each month is Blogger. And a staggering rate of 77% internet users read blogs while surfing the internet. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because it provides an easy way for consumers and social media users to obtain new knowledge on what their looking for. Blogs give out tips, recommendations and more importantly, current news. If one is researching for a specific topic such as politics or technology, that person can easily get credible information. Another example would be someone searching for good travel deals and hotel recommendations in New York, one can simply go inside the domain of a travel blogger. Not only is one able to share his/her knowledge regarding certain topics, but this also builds trust and rapport in the social media community. Once this is built, word of mouth will automatically take place afterwards. More and more people will visit the blog whenever they need the expertise of that person in a specific field.

Besides having the opportunity to share one’s thoughts and proficiency in a particular field, blogging has now become a way to earn extra cash or even serve as a full-time job. A large bulk that contributes to making profit in this industry is through selling products or services via one’s blog. Many use their blogs as a content marketing tool for their businesses. Once there’s already a follower base, it’s easier to promote products to the readers. A food blogger may sell his/her e-books complete with a food guide to Asia, while a fashion blogger may promote his/her new clothing line. Since reader find their recommendation credible, they are most likely the first ones to purchase. Another way to earn through blogging is the use of affiliation. For instance, an advertiser or a brand wants to sell their products. They contact a blogger who could help them sell this through their blogs. Later on, the blogger will receive commission after every sale that was made coming from his/her website. The blogger is given a unique code that often connotes special discounts as well. This type of advertising is often seen in the content itself with an affiliate link or through banner ads. Another way of earning money is through CPC and CPM ads. CPC means cost per click and are usually banner ads. Each time a reader clicks that ad, the blogger gets paid. More clicks constitutes to more profit. On the other hand, CPM ads pay a fixed amount depending on how many reader view that ad.

As the benefits of blogging may sound quite enticing, it also requires a lot of time and effort. One who plans to take on this kind of job should be able to prioritize creating quality content. This is what makes readers keep coming back. Frequent updates will increase the chance of visibility. Moreover, this type of industry may be for anyone in all kinds of ages and occupations. Some are full-time corporate employees who still manages to blog during their free time, some are full-fledged bloggers who does blogging every day, and some even have jobs on the opposite side of the spectrum. One of which that may come into a surprise is President Donald Trump’s blog. He may be the president, but he certainly proves that having his own domain allows citizens to be updated with the latest Trump news and aspects he’s been up to. This only proves how diverse the world of blogging is. And at the end of the day, the purposes of starting a blog may vary, but it should still outweigh anything monetary that comes with it. Think of it as just a bonus from sharing one’s ideas and knowledge.

Originally posted on October 18, 2017 @ 3:56 am

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