Sending Back a Computer: Work Flow Interruption

Today, I sent back the laptop that PicApp bought me, back to them. While I really didn’t like the Dell laptop, I had organized my work flow on it pretty effectively, and I had become used to running a Windows XP environment once again. All my files were in place, all of my bookmarks were set-up, and it remembered my passwords for everything. Clearing it off, I realized how many things I depend on to get my work done, and how disorganized my organizational system is.

Today, I am back on my MacBook Pro, and things feel a little off. It is really hard to switch from one machine to another. I have to remember which applications I used to get things done, and it doesn’t have all my passwords remembered. I have so much to do to get it perfect once again, and I am sure that over the next few days, I will be a little less productive than I would have been on the Dell, but after settling in, I am sure my work flow will get back to normal.

How long does it take you to get your normal work flow set up on a new machine? Can you easily switch from a Windows computer to a Mac or to a Linux machine? Let me know in the comments below.