Social Media Promotion: Where are You Voting?

One of the most interesting things I’ve experienced lately is the number of people contacting me through my consulting service wanting to know what they should do to get more traffic. When I mention promoting their content on social news and media sites like Digg, Reddit and whatnot, they seem to be shocked.

Some thought that those sites were only for people that would use them every day, others thought it was basically a passive experience, where only certain members could submit articles, while everyone else could only vote, and still others didn’t know what those sites were.

Making money online is mostly marketing. Content is important, but more than anything it comes down to how you market that content. Do you think e-books and whatnot do so well because their content is the best? No! People just spend more time on marketing e-books than the average blogger does on any single article they write.

If you don’t have accounts on as many promotional sites as possible, you could be missing out. While each site caters to a certain demographic, many sites have various sub-groups that are still powerful, and helpful.

Take the time to find out which social media site caters to the demographic you hope to capture with your site, and begin submitting your content from time to time. What have you got to loose other than a small time investment that could pay huge dividends?