Staying Positive with Blogging

I don’t want to start sounding like a self-help site or anything, but I felt compelled to write this post. There are days when you won’t feel like blogging, or that you just want to “stick it to the man” or “rage against the machine”, and we all go through them, but if you want to keep your readers, it is usually best to stay positive.

Most people like to surround themselves with positive people, watch television shows and movies that have positive endings, and also read blogs that have a good message or a positive personality.

Negative blogs can quickly depress your users, thus eventually depressing your blog statistics as they all leave and go somewhere else.

So before you post about hating something, take a break, think about what you want to write, and ask yourself if it can be done more constructively. If the answer is no, then take a longer break, and do something you enjoy before coming back to the topic at hand.

Now, I just need to learn to take my own advice.