Tips For Marketing Your Arts And Crafts

If you are an artist or a crafter it is likely that you have some interest in selling your work, whether you just want to sell a little or a lot. Even if crafting is just a hobby and you just want to make a little spare Christmas fund money, you can use these tips.

However, if you want to create a business out of your arts and crafts, then these tips are really for you. You probably won’t get rich right when you get started, and you’ll need to do a lot of foot and finger work.

Sell And Market Online

selling arts and crafts online

There are a few outlets for selling online, from selling on your own blog or website, to selling on an online marketplace like Etsy. There are also options for those that like to design things and take photos, where you can have your designs added to ties, t-shirts, phone cases, and more.

You can also sell and market your items on Facebook. Facebook groups have a great feature for posting items for sale now, making it easier for people who have likely been selling through FB for some time.

Market your work through social media as well. You don’t have to be directly trying to sell to tell people about your artwork or the things you’ve created. You can simply share photos through Instagram, Tweet about your progress or process, or make a YouTube video showing people how to use your newest crafted item.

Check Out Local Businesses

Selling online isn’t the only way to get your creations out there. Look for local opportunities as well. If you are an artist or even a crafter, look into whether there is a local art community. Fine artists may want to look toward local art galleries, while they and crafters can look to local businesses that sell on consignment.

Check out art shows and craft fairs, as well as farmer’s markets, as great outlets to sell your wares. Some will cost more for a booth than others, but it gives you a great opportunity to share your work locally.

Know The Rules

According to Park West Gallery, the art world is an ever changing place and art is again becoming more popular, but you may face a lot of competition and you need to know your stuff.

Make sure you know your genre, and do some studying in art history. If you are putting your work in a gallery you may be asked about your influences, and you need to have something intelligent to say!

If you are an artist or a crafter, don’t hesitate to get your work out there. Market your items and before you know it you’ll be selling your work and doing commissioned pieces. Just never forget to have fun with it and enjoy your creativity.

Originally posted on July 28, 2015 @ 12:06 am

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