Top Trends In Online Marketing For 2017

Online marketing is a fast-paced, quickly expanding industry that shows very little sign of stopping. The internet rules over so many aspects of our daily lives that online marketing will be a viable skill for all of the foreseeable future.

Along with exponential growth, the online marketing industry has an extremely quick rate of change. Designers change their methods often to remain competitive in such a wide opened market. Check out a quick overview of a few of the hottest trends in online marketing for 2017.

Dense and immersive content is essential

Content on websites and other marketing platforms must now be dense and quickly immersive to maintain a user’s attention for more than three seconds.

Designers must give users the feeling that they are doing more than just sitting in front of a computer screen. Websites have to be interactive and visually appealing (like this one). Flashy backgrounds with interactive screens will keep users reading and tapping.

Augmented reality gains ground

Pokemon Go started a revolution in augmented reality, and there are no signs of the trend slowing down. People needed something fresh, and augmented reality is currently providing a public fix.

It is entirely likely that this marketing tactic will become much more common and integrated into various types of media within the year. The more real designers can make their digital worlds, the more people are lining up to immerse themselves.

Live streaming video is all the rage

When Facebook released its live streaming component, the world went wild. When users started shooting live footage of police brutality, live streaming became a very serious tool.

It granted people of all backgrounds the ability to film their experiences as they were unfolding, and so far, the world has not been a kind vision to absorb. The power behind the technology is undeniable, and marketing specialists have not seen the last of this technique.

Native advertising is making a comeback

Designers who overlook the oldest trick in the book may be lacking in the current year’s productivity. People are beginning to respect the straightforward nature of native advertising tactics.

Consumers have long since begun their rebellion against other forms of conventional advertising, so native tactics are a bit sneakier but do not present as such.

Niche markets will become a way of life

The online business arena is becoming far more crowded than it was merely five years ago. Companies are now being forced to get creative and focus on a specific target niche in order to grab their share of consumers. To succeed, businesses must specialize in something desirable to a more focused set of individuals rather than a general consumer base.

Originally posted on March 31, 2017 @ 3:24 am