Writing Tip: What Do You Want to Read?

One of the tips I have been giving bloggers lately is to think about what they would want to read. I have had to go outside my normal comfort zone a few times in writing articles. I have had to deal with subjects I know absolutely nothing about, but when it all comes down to it, if you think about what you would like to read about a certain topic, you can then go backwards from there.

Say you are tasked with writing about kitchens and you are a technology buff. Well, you can mix those two interests rather easily for your first few articles.

Titles like:

  • Ten Great Kitchen Gadgets
  • The Ultimate Geek Kitchen
  • Kitchens of Yesterday versus Today

Fairly quickly you can build up an index of titles which will help focus your research and writing, and allow you to build up content in niches that you have never thought to explore before. It is a simple trick, but it definitely works.