Why You Should Be Careful What You Blog About

Blogging can be a fun thing to do, and for some people it’s all about business. For either of these people there really are etiquette tips you need to keep in mind. From watching what you talk about and the photos you post, to making sure that you are courteous to commenters no matter how annoying they are.

You will also find that a lot of these tips can be transferred to your social media and website, keeping your good reputation on all online places where you may be recognized as that blogger that writes about whatever it is you write about.

Don’t Offend People

If you’ve paid any attention to the television and the news lately you know that people seem to be even more easily offended these days, and offending people with your blog posts can cause you to lose readers, and business, if you aren’t careful.

It’s difficult to know what will offend people, but if you just make sure to avoid controversial topics you will be safer. And, watch your language.

Watch Your Language

Some people are offended by certain words, whether they are swear words, racial words, or slang words. If you want an intelligent blog that is sure to have readers that keep coming back for more you’re better off omitting these three kinds of language.

Everybody swears at some point or another, even smart people. And while many people don’t mind, or are so used to hearing bad words that they don’t even hear or notice them anymore, it can still make your blog offensive to some.

Don’t Get Too Personal

Just like it is advised for social media, don’t get too personal on your blog. Even if it’s a personal blog you don’t want to be telling people your address, when and where you are going on vacation, or how many guns you own and where you keep them in your home.

Not only do you run the risk of having your home broken into, but you may be giving stalkers an inside view that you shouldn’t want them to have! You risk your home and you may even risk your life if you are too revealing online.

Posting certain things online can cause you to lose your job, lose the chance at getting a job you really wanted, or maybe you’ll even get rejected for an apartment you wanted because of the raunchy party photos you are always posting.

There are even chances that you could get arrested or have your children taken away for things that you’ve talked about online, like child abuse or underage drinking. The biggest rule to remember is to use common sense before posting your next blog article.

Originally posted on July 15, 2015 @ 4:13 am

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