WordPress 2.4 Administration Panel Preview

When WordPress 2.4 comes out on January 24th, the first thing pretty much everyone will notice is a brand new WordPress Admin panel design. The user interface side of things doesn’t appear to have changed much, but there is a huge graphical change, and some minor new features. For taking a small moves approach to developing WordPress, this one is sure to create all kinds of buzz in the coming weeks.

I took it upon myself to download the latest WordPress nightly and install it to see how the new design was coming along, and after getting it set up, I went and recorded a quick screencast for Tubetorial.

Hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think. So far, the response to the video has been positive, but the response to the new administration panel design has been mixed. It should be interesting to see what everyone thinks on the 24th when it’s finally released.

Note: The design has NOT yet been fully implemented in the nightlies, and is only 10-20% complete. I want to make this clear, as it seems many haven’t realized this and have begun criticizing it.