Twittermeter: Tracking What’s Popular

One of the best things a blogger in any niche can do is stay apprised of what’s popular in the topic they write about. If you write about laptops, knowing what the hot new machine everyone will be searching for will allow you to write articles that will help you become more noticed online.

Twitter is a popular service that everyone and their brother seems to be on these days, and there is now a way to track what’s popular on Twitter thanks to Twittermeter.

Enter in something like the MacBook and you will see that it is on a huge downward turn. This could easily show what isn’t in the mindset of those that use the Twitter service, as well as show trends arcing upwards that you might want to take advantage of.

I found out about this service from Read/Write Web.

Twittermeter uses the Twitter API to scrape the site’s public feed and creates a database of every word sent over Twitter. Though database overages have forced the site to display only results for the past week, they have data since November 6th, 2007 totaling over 14.5 million words from 2.1 million status messages.

Another tool for the ever growing arsenal of data we need to filter through to make the most of the content we produce as bloggers.