Evil Text Link Added to My Blog

So today, I found a text link added to my blog. It looks like someone was able to add it to my theme, and at first, I assumed there was a rendering error on this blog, but then when I selected everything to try to figure out why, I noticed some white text.

I removed it immediately, so I can’t even tell you what link it was, but I am not impressed. WordPress constantly talks about having better and better security, but with this blog running the latest version of WordPress, there shouldn’t have been any way for them to insert code in my theme files. I am now in the process of locking down file permissions so that they can’t be edited, except when I FTP up a new version of the code. This is frustrating as I like being able to jump over to the design tab, and make some small changes.

I can’t be angry with my host, as I am on a VPS, and am basically my own host, though huge kudos to WiredTree for all that they do.