How To Upgrade WordPress Using Subversion

I have been a huge fan of using Subversion to manage my WordPress installations, and thanks to Yan Fortin hiring me to write a post about it for his site, I have finally been able to get down most of my thoughts related to my experiences in upgrading a WordPress blog with Subversion.

From the post:

The folks that manage and distribute WordPress, Automattic Inc., currently run a Subversion server that we can connect to. It allows us to easily download the bleeding edge version of WordPress, the latest stable edition of WordPress, or even older releases of the CMS if we so choose.

In order to use Subversion with your web host, they must have Subversion properly installed on the web host’s server. Most shared hosting environments don’t provide access to Subversion, as it can only be utilized through SSH, a remote command line interface. If you are on a virtual private server (VPS), or your own dedicated server, you should have SSH access, and be able to install Subversion.

It is quite lengthy, topping out at nearly two thousand words, and contains a very short video relating to what you can expect to see in your terminal or SSH window if you are doing things right.

A very useful post for people looking to easily upgrade multiple installations of WordPress, and a huge thank you to Yan from Geeks are Sexy, for helping get me closer to my goal of owning an iPod Touch.