WordPress Plugin: Comment Info Tip

It feels like it has been forever since I covered a really interesting new plugin for WordPress, so you’ll have to excuse my excitement a little while I talk about a plugin I have just installed and activated on this site called Comment Info Tip.

I first saw this plugin on BloggingTips and thought it was really interesting, so after finding out where he got it, I went out to grab it for myself.

Comment Info Tip is a WordPress plugin that allows you to see a quick JavaScript tooltip about the person that has commented.

From the site:

When you mouse over a commenter’s name you will see a tip appear displaying some information about that given commenter. The tip will display 1 of 4 results:

1. If the commenter has only posted once then it will say so in the tip.
2. If the commenter has posted more than once we will look up the last three posts they have commented in and display links to those posts. This allows you to see which type of posts this user is interested in and easily navigate to those posts.
3. If the commenter has posted more than once we will attempt to search their RSS feed and show an excerpt from their last post.
4. If it’s a pingback or trackback the tip will indicate so.

I am not sure how precise it is, but it definitely provides a nice little feature for me, as well as some of my readers that are really getting interested in the community aspect of this blog. This is a fun and interesting plugin that seems to run quickly, and efficiently.

Let me know what you think of it on this site, and if you want to add it to your WordPress blog as well, check out Search-This for the plugin.