WordPress Plugin: Next of Kin

I saw this plugin mentioned over on AdesBlog and just had to add to its promotion, as I think it is a really interesting idea.

I am always wondering how I can give my wife the information she needs to deal with my business if I ended up dying. She has the information to access my main e-mail account, but that is just one of many, and doesn’t include my blog, contact information for my boss, nor access to my other accounts relating to my work.

It could be a really frustrating situation for her if I passed away unexpectedly, and so the WordPress plugin, Next of Kin is really fascinating to me. You have a plugin that can send a message to whomever you’d like if you don’t log into your blog for a specified period of time.

Since I constantly maintain this blog, if I add it here, and set the time period to thirty days, I could then be fairly certain that the only time the message would be sent is if something horrible happened to me, as I am never away from this site longer than a month since beginning it a year ago.

I guess the question then would be, “what do you put in the message?”

I would love to hear your thoughts. What would you send in your final message, and who would you direct it to?

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Originally posted on August 30, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

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