WordPress Podcast Roundup

WordPress Podcast

Jonathan and Charles get together again for another episode of the WordPress Podcast. They cover the release of WordPress 2.5.1 and a myriad of other WordPress related news articles and events.

They recorded the episode several weeks ago, but Charles has been too busy to edit it and publish it live, shame on him! He does make mention that he also has another episode recorded which should go live next week. I love when there is constant and consistent WordPress content to listen to.

I am kind of bummed that Matt Mullenweg hasn’t done an Ask Matt session yet on the show. I am not sure if the issue is logistics or time, but I was really looking forward to having Matt answer some tough WordPress questions.

WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly was absent this week, as Jeff had other things he had to do. The rest of us that are used to being on the live show were joking around that he should have given the reigns over to us, Charles remarked that it would be really ironic if he had to lead WordPress Weekly for once, as he is the main host of the competing WordPress podcast.

It was good fun on Twitter, but we all were stuck waiting for next week, when Matt Mullenweg will be live on the show for an hour.