Freelance Work: Full Time Frustrations

I have been working on freelance work for almost a week now, and I have to say that I really don’t understand how people can make a full time living this way. While it is nice to have variety, and some choice in what I do, dealing with the almost random pay, and random number of work hours each day can be quite difficult.

Also, after writing two posts today for someone else, I almost didn’t feel like writing on this blog. While I believe that is only because the topics of this blog and the blog I wrote on have fairly similar audiences, I still am reminded of why I have decided to change my career path yet again. I want to write, and I want to enjoy writing. I want to create something, and build something that I can be proud of and maybe even build equity in.

Working for other people can mean getting paid, but building equity can mean enjoying a lifestyle.

How do people work freelance full time? Am I missing some meaningful reward that my varied salary positions will never give me?

2 thoughts on “Freelance Work: Full Time Frustrations

  1. zania

    Oh, I understand this so well!
    The random hours, which produce random pay. The publisher who changes his mind constantly and expects extra content for the original cost…
    The uncertainty of it all…

    And writing a post for others you would really prefer to write for yourself (except it probably won’t produce the same rewards…)

    I’m sure others will post here about how they organise their days as freelance writers. I guess it can be done (and at the same time as keeping your momentum to write intact), but it is something I still struggle with.

    But then I am not well organised.

    It can pay though. But that takes time and loads of hard work and, whatever others will tell you, it does take you away from your family and lifestyle.

    Guess that wasn’t quite what you wanted to hear…
    Sorry! 🙂

  2. Gillian (GSPinsights)

    I have the day job doing temp assignments and work on my various business offerings in evening, weekends and between temp assignments in this way I am sure to always be able to cover the rent, phone and food bills. I am working on a series of teleseminars and information products on starting out in business in the hope that in time these could generate sufficient residual income to not have to have a day job so often.

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