Writing and managing your time

One of my favorite anecdotes about writing was when John Milton was writing Paradise Lost. He was interrupted by a salesman or a holy man , both were selling things one material and one salvation. Anyway, whethere a salesman or preacher was the unwanted knocker it had the same effect. Milton lost track of his writing and scrapped the first version of Paradise Lost. Now I do not whetner this is accurate or not but distractions will always derail one’s writing.

What are these distractions?

The obvious ones are the unwanted guest or visitor, He who comes knocking at the door.

Another could be a natural phenomenon. Lightning striking the tree. The neighbor singing the karaoke or videoke. Dogs howling, Cats screeching and humans … well shouting,

And of course there are more less obvious ones. A special group inhabiting the Internet – chatting, communicating and just playing games. Yes, it is enjoyable and yes it can lessen one’s stress but it can also distract you from writing.

E-Mails, At most and unless you are part of an email answering service or in sales you need not check your email every hour. Maybe three, twice or even once a day would be fine. Of course, depending on the amount of email you receive.

Social Media Networks and Sites

Social Media Networks are fun, helpful and addictive. Using Social Media Networks one can connect with one’s friends – both old and new. They can also be used to share photos, videos and audio files (MP3). Social Media Networks can also nbe used to promote one’s post, writing, project or business. And one can also use it to play a number of online games.

And this is probably why we who have been introduced and are more or less familiar with the Social Media Networks must go back and back to it.

Micro Blogging Sites

Probably the biggest success story in recent times. Microblogging sites like Twitter and Plurk has been able to get a whole lot of people to twit or plurk their thoughts, opinions and actions on line – in less than 120 or so words.


Yes, A number of these are of use and not inherently counter productive but an over dependence or an over doing it can be counter-productive – giving one less time to write.

So what now?

A number of these things are useful and inherently not counter productive but when one spends too much time on them one will find one has no more time to write. Well, I guess everything should be in moderation.

Originally posted on July 30, 2010 @ 10:57 am

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