More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 16

James Cogan and I got together for another episode. This one was a little delayed due to James being under the weather, but thankfully, he has mostly recovered and we were able to create another episode.

This week we talk about Automattic, and their continued business developments, the likely recession in the US, and the Apple MacBook Air.

a) Automattic has been awfully busy of late. Closing a $29.5M round of funding and now there’s news of Prologue – a Twitter-like publishing service. Let’s discuss this latest flurry of news, and of course – where is this ultimately going for Automattic?

b) Let’s talk about the ‘R’ word. It seems the United States is plunging fast and furious into a deep recession. What does this mean for online publishers, bloggers and advertising in general? Will the recession have a material impact on the pocketbooks of those who rely on internet advertising to pay their bills?

c) Macworld has come and gone and we’re left with the MacBook Air. Is it just Hot Air or is there substance behind the world’s thinnest laptop computer?

Check it out on, and let me know what you think of episode 16.

4 thoughts on “More of Me Podcasting: TechCanuck Episode 16

  1. WTL

    I pretty much agreed with your opinion about the MacBook Air until I read a review on MacWorld, and when friend of mine was very excitedly talking about it.

    I asked her why she was interested and she said that because it was half the weight (nearly) of her MacBook, she wouldn’t feel so burdened carrying it everywhere.

    I thought about how she used her machine, and she isn’t a power user, so the fact that it is somewhat slower won’t make a difference, nor will the lack of ethernet, or the fact that it has one USB port. When I asked her about the battery, she said that she would probably never use it on battery power for more than a few hours, so again, no big deal.

    Do you have a second battery for your laptop, out of curiosity? 😉

    The MacBook Air certainly isn’t for power users like you or me, but I do think it fills a valid niche.

  2. David

    I think it would be more valid if the price was better. I also don’t think thin is a great selling point, even to the Apple audience. I think Apple could have done better.

    For my ThinkPad, I have 2 batteries. I intend on picking another two batteries up for my MacBook Pro soon.

    It will be interesting to see how much of a success the Air is. Like I said in the podcast… people will buy it.

  3. WTL

    Two more batteries? What the heck are you doing with your machine? I have two for mine, and almost never use the second one, although I expect I may have to use it on Friday when I take the train to Toronto.

  4. David

    Traveling across Canada 2x a year. Hopefully to Europe once this year and next year. Traveling to the west coast of the US sometime next year. Long trips…

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