5 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Before Allowing Guest Posts

We are obviously brilliant writers, but sometimes we want to give our genius a rest. We know it’s a sad day for everyone when our blog takes a day off, but sometimes it can be so difficult to think of a new, fresh topic; especially if the blog is part of a small and specific niche. Have you ever tried to use an article you have written in the past to come up with a good blog post? Whether it be for your own blog or someone else’s blog, this can be extremely difficult. You look at the article and think: This is the absolute best article I could have written on this topic. Some may say this is the mark of a bad writer because they cannot find a different angle, but I say this is the mark of a good writer—you did it right the first time. Nonetheless, you are left with a feeling of frustration. In other words, I have found that the older and more popular your blog gets the harder it is to bring yourself to sit down and write. When put in those terms, it’s actually a little bit sad!

This led me to wonder: When is it too early to accept guest posts? Sometimes the best thing for your blog is a new perspective. Many well-known blogs started out as a one person operation (ever heard of Mashable?) and gradually grew to a blog full of guest writers. If you’re considering factoring in guest posts to your blog routine, but are unsure whether or not this is the right move, consider a few of these questions and answers:

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Google Adsense: Moderation is the Key

Monetization using Google’s Adsense is far trickier than you might have imagined. You might think that since Adsense is a Google product, then they would certainly be biased towards pages that carry such ads. However, in reality correlation studies have shown that the more space Adsense ads occupy on a page, the lower that page will tend to rank. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Google is picking on their own ad service, but that it is merely consistent with how search engines (and users) view paid links.

The logic behind this is very simple. People tend to shy away from pages that have too much paid ads, as too much paid ads displayed suggest a spammy site.

Since users and Google alike do not like too much paid links on a site, what you should be conscious of as a publisher is to walk the fine line between monetizing your site and having it be considered as nothing more than a haven of paid links with nothing more substantial to offer. You can do this by being strategic in the placement of ads so as to minimize the use of ads as much as possible, yet ensuring that they get maximum exposure. You should also at least put some effort into making sure that the ads harmonize with the page’s look, so that even as they stand out enough to draw the eye (and clicks), they won’t end up and eyesore.

In the end, whether you have Adsense on your site, or use another ad service, following the above advice will help you in the long run.

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How to Make Full Time Salary by Means of Blogging

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5 Tips for Improving Your Verbal Communication Skills

Verbal communication is the backbone of our existence. In order to do anything, you have to be able to verbally communicate with people. Of course, if you can speak you can communicate. However, do you communicate well? Even if you are a full-time blogger or freelancer, you’ll eventually have to pick up the phone or talk to a customer face-to-face. Being able to communicate effectively with others is a tremendous asset for everything from negotiating with service providers to trying to land a new job or promotion in the workplace. Continue reading

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Focus is Hard

There are many people that don’t understand what I do for a living. They assume that I can start and stop at any time, and that I am free to go with them to do the things they want me to do. They don’t understand my long hours or why I need things to be structured a certain way, but it all comes down to focus.

If you want to succeed at working from home and making a living online, be it from blogging or something else, you need to have focus, and you need to find ways to make others understand that the focus to do your job well isn’t easy.

Right now my focus is really messed up. My wife is only working casually right now which means she is hope a lot more. I am used to her working between eight and twelve hours a day, and so having her home all of the time has absolutely destroyed my normal daily flow and disturbed my focus immensely.

It isn’t that she is always bothering me, or getting in my way, but she does take advantage of the fact that I am home, no matter how plainly I explain to her that I need to work. She doesn’t understand that I need to take many short breaks between projects to unwind, as well as having uninterrupted periods of time, sometimes for many hours, where I can be productive.

Without being able to focus on my work, certain extra projects that I used to have time for fall by the wayside. Everything takes longer because I am not getting into that “groove” where I reach my peak productivity, and certain tasks that would normally take me three or four hours, now seem to stretch on for an entire day, only making me feel more stressed, further behind and a little annoyed.

It definitely makes me want to have an office outside of home, and it is taking a huge amount of time to re-adjust how I get into my focused state so that I can produce quality content in a timely manner.

So if you have been wondering why this blog has been a little slow lately, now you know. If anyone has any tips to increase my focus, work from home while the wife is home and making the most of such close quarters, I would love to hear them. Please let me know in the comments below.

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