Advertising Spots Open for November

As we come into a new month, I wanted to remind everyone that I do have advertising positions for sale on this blog. With over 50,000 page views last month of concentrated traffic, eXtra for Every Publisher is the perfect place to promote your blogging related website, project, or product.


From October 1st through the 31st
October Unique Visitors: 13404
October Page Views: 57183

Alexa Ranking below 90,000
Technorati Ranking below 30,000
Google PageRank 4
Top 100 Make Money Online Blog according to 45n5

Advertising Opportunities

With how strong the Canadian dollar is, and how the US dollar continues to slide, I wanted to offer a special discount to those that pay me in Canadian currency.

125×125 Image (non-animated) – $50/m USD or $40/m CDN in the left hand side of entire site. Only 4 Spots Available!

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468×60 Banner (animated) – $35/m USD or $30/m CDN above the title of each post, but not on the index page. One Hundred percent of the impressions!

Custom Review – $40/m USD or $30/m CDN – Single post on about a product, site or service. At my discretion! Reach over 150 RSS subscribers.

Contact me to arrange your advertising today!

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An Entirely Different Top 100 Make Money Online List

Over on the Top 100 list, there has been some huge movement thanks to Google updating their PageRank system, and starting today, I will have a very different list with which to create the Xfep Podcast.

I have taken a look at the sites in the list before Mark updated it, and after, and here are the new Top 50 Make Money Online blogs. I suggest checking out the biggest movers and shakers, as they are the ones that were being held back by their lack of a PageRank or due to a low PageRank.

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Teaching Sells: I’ve Signed Up

Teaching SellsSo, I am sure by now everyone has heard of Brian Clark’s new program, Teaching Sells. It is a course that will help people learn to create successful multimedia membership sites. I have a feeling that the majority of those that sign up will not create anything as successful as this training course, but I trust Brian, and wanted to learn more about what all this was about.

After reading the free PDF report he released, I still was concerned that as a professional blogger for the last two years, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything new from Teaching Sells, and even more worrying that I wouldn’t get my $97 worth. Then I read about how the price was going to go up at midnight tonight, and I wanted to be part of it for at least the first three months.

There are already over 500 members active within the service, and if nothing else, I am sure I can learn something from one of the active members, and that alone says something about these private forums. If people are willing to invest nearly $100 into themselves and their businesses online, then they understand the value of information.

If you want to get in before the price increase, that time is now, as there is less than six hours before Brian and team change it from the low price of $97 for three months, to whatever amount they choose.

I will continue to talk about what results Teaching Sells has produced for me, and I look forward with networking with all those that have also joined this training service from Copyblogger.

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Selling Your Readership

I have to admit that I find it a bit sad that so many make money online bloggers are taking the easy way out by selling their blogs, some well before their time for some quick cash due to the fickle market valuing such blogs at what I consider to be a fairly incredible rate.

So far I have seen nearly half a dozen blogs jump ship ranging from $2500 all the way up to $10,000. Mark at has come up with a great post, giving basic valuations to many blogs, further inciting people to sell now while the market is hot.

What does this say about the original blogger? How does this make me feel as a reader of these blogs? I honestly feel a little betrayed. Some of these bloggers promised to deliver a product: their knowledge. They have instead decided to sell off their blog leaving me wondering what kind of things I will be able to learn from the new owners.

Every blog sold goes through a transition, whether the old writer stays on for a day, month or year, it eventually changes from what made it great, into something different. Don’t get me wrong, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but in my experience, very few blogs improve after changing ownership.

Really what most of these people are doing is selling their readership. They are selling my time on their blog and the value I bring to someone else and the only way I can think to combat this is to take my time back, and place it in the hands of blogs that I feel confident are going to stick around, with their original owner, or at least a trustworthy level of professionalism.

On the flip-side though, I am enjoying that so many people are leaving the race, as it only helps continue my trend at making this the blog about becoming a professional blogger, and making money online.

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Xfep Video Podcast: Episode 1

Xfep Video Podcast Ep 1 on


This video podcast will cover the projects, websites, and blogs that I am part of. I will talk about the things I do as a Problogger.

Topics Covered

In this episode I talk about Mark’s GroupPlatform and how we have selected a logo for our project Alt Sci-Fi.

I also mention that I have some big news coming November 1st that pertains to my career as a problogger.

The last thing I bring up is a community collective I am looking at putting together, but you will have to watch the video for more information on that.

Video Hosting

I want to thank for hosting the Xfep video podcast. I highly recommend the site, and hope you will all check it out.

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