David PeraltyeXtra For Every Publisher was created by myself, David Peralty, a Canadian Problogger, to recount some of the ways that I was able to do well in the online world, as well as to analyze the constantly shifting marketplace.

My goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls and potential problems on the way to making your living online.

Who is David Peralty?

Currently, I am the Amazing Ninja Project Manager Guy for College Crunch. Before that, I was Community Manager at PicScout for their PicApp product.

And for more of my history, I was Head of Marketing at Splashpress Media, a company that I worked with for half a year after having been with Bloggy Network for the last two years before that as their Director of Communications. I am a married man, living in a small house in St. Thomas, Ontario Canada.

Why am I talking about this stuff?

After three years in the industry, I have seen many changes, and dealt with many of them myself, from managing one blog, to writing on dozens, to bending WordPress to my will, and through all of this, I have realized I could have avoided many mistakes had their been a resource for bloggers that really came together and approached the subject from all sides, including the very difficult area of monetization, and with a bit of luck, energy and focus, that is what I hope to create here at eXtra For Every Publisher.

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