Hard Part of Problogging: Writing Content Constantly

One of the hardest parts of my career has been the continual production of content in an almost conveyer belt style processing system removing a great deal of the creativity and enjoyment that goes into creating something.

It can be hard to produce enough content to make it full time because if you are paid a rate for each post, or for each word, or even a flat rate salary with certain expectations behind them, it can all come down to producing thousands of words each day, which for some people is easier than others.

What it all comes down to is that the more content you produce, the more search engines will have to find your site, as well as the more opportunities you create to build an audience, gain inbound links and build your brand.

From what I have been able to see, producing around two or three thousand words a day is the minimum of what it can take to propel your site into a success, and that isn’t easy.

As I have gone further in my career, I have found the raw production of content to become more and more difficult, especially if I am not well versed in the subject to begin with or can’t focus on my thoughts, opinions, and views.

If you are having problems creating content, then you have to understand that you are going to have a hard time being noticed, recognized, and gaining traffic.

The sites that become a success with one post a week are the exception, not the rule, and so find ways to put content together in an efficient way, and publish it to the world.

I would also recommend finding a balance where here and there you get to spend some extra time in writing a post so you can truly add in your raw emotions, but when you have to get a good three thousand words done each and every day, it can be quite difficult sometimes to give any more to your writing.

The biggest takeaway from this post that I want you all to have, is that you need to be persistent, and constantly producing compelling content. It isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

4 thoughts on “Hard Part of Problogging: Writing Content Constantly

  1. Craig McGinty

    Some very useful advice there, a couple I’d add are:

    Listen to your body and learn when you are at your best for writing, and at your lowest to do all the other ‘stuff’ that pops up, clearing all this away lets you concentrate on the writing during your ‘best’ times.

    If you are struggling with an intro start a few paragraphs in with just the facts and descriptive elements most articles require.

    If you are working on a long piece, try and leave your writing mid-sentence so that you’ve got something to leap off when you get back (that’s a Hemingway trick 😉

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