Increase Your Blogging Productivity: Reduce Distractions

Over on Freelance Folder there is an amazing post that talks about improving your productivity, and really it centers around reducing your distractions. Something that can be quite difficult, but also very important.

I find myself struggling with this periodically because my office is at home, and currently so is my wife, but there are some great points in the article.

Here is a sample:

Work in a separate room if possible

Last year I moved to the sitting room to keep an eye on the baby while my wife worked on her computer; this was because the computer could not be moved around and I had a laptop. But soon it became a free for all situation; everybody in the house needed my attention or my counsel for everything.

There were times when I could only achieve three to four hours of professional work during the whole day. And of course the baby always wanted to be on top of my table and bang on my laptop keys. Eventually I had to take a stand and move to a separate — fortunately a spare — room.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a separate room is enough in our small house, and I might have to look at an office share or something so that I can get the peace and quiet I need to focus on producing a large amount of amazing content for everyone to read.

Definitely a great post over on Freelance Folder, and a great site for bloggers, and really all types of freelancers.

3 thoughts on “Increase Your Blogging Productivity: Reduce Distractions

  1. Gerard McGarry

    “Getting Rid Of Distractions” sounds like a heavy handed Mafia-style method to me!

    Quite right though. I’ve been away for a couple of days and managed to get more work done in the isolation of a hotel room that I possibly could at home.

  2. Rubinelli

    You could try the wi-fi cafe route once or twice a week before you think about renting an office. It sounds a bit… drastic.

  3. David

    If only I lived in a city that had wifi cafe’s, or even cafe’s in general…lol. St. Thomas Ontario is small 35k people and a downtown core that has almost 0 active stores.

    Thanks for the suggestion though, probably way more beneficial for people living in “real” cities.

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